Move better.

Perform better.


our massage is different

  • We work to resolve issues in minimal & appropriate number of sessions
  • We rely on science. NOT feelings
  • We take in account ALL factors that may surround your issues
  • We work WITH you to SOLVE and then PREVENT problems
  • If we can't help you, we will tell you and not lead you on
  • We encourage preventative, not reactive maintenance
    (we're excellent at both)

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WHAT & WHere

- Our mission is to -
return you to your sport optimized
as fast as possible
with impeccable standards and service

ThumbWorks is the premier provider of professional Sports Massage to Chico's athletic community. We specialize in working with athletes of all levels in both team and individual sports such as CrossFit, Cycling, MTB, Running, Olympic and Power Lifting, Mixed and Traditional Martial Arts to name a few.

A Sports Massage is a targeted therapeutic massage aimed to improve the
bio mechanical needs of the athlete.

We work with each athlete to optimize functional movement patterns and athlete recovery. We will assess mobility, range of motion, and tissue condition to formulate the ideal course of action


You can find the modalities we use in our Sports Massage within our FAQ's

Monday - Friday, AM/PM times available

1224 Mangrove ave. Ste. 10
Chico, CA 95926

THe team

Ryan Keep
Business Manager
Mobility Coach

Tanya Crooks
Certified Massage Therapist
Neuromuscular Therapist
(Cert #72684)
Rock Tape Certified Kinesio Taping

Mackenzie Taylor
Certified Massage Therapist
(Cert #72789)



- First visit? We highly suggest booking a 1 hour session to allow for a proper assessment as well as ample time for bodywork. A 1 hour session consists of BOTH assessment and bodywork

- See FAQ's for our Cancellation Policy, answers to common questions and what to expect at your first visit.

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