About us

The ThumbWorks Sports Massage culture in the Body Work business is fresh and edgy with the commitment of honesty and excellence in a science based massage practice.  We continuously work to learn new and relevant information and dispel old, ambiguous information to educate and provide effective, tangible results to our clients.

We are a growing business in Chico, CA that provides services to the athletic community which includes several professional and semi professional athletes.  We also provide services at athletic events and maintain an office that currently sees clients 5 days a week as well as 1 Sat a month.

Position Description

We are looking for a Part Time / On call LMT/CMT/NMT legal to work in California or a Massage Student currently working towards certification in CA, both with being involved in fitness. This person would need to be a professional and flexible with hours (including evenings and weekends), have their own transportation and want to grow with the business. The position is NOT an IC but an employee of whom we will treat as part of the team and not just an "employee".

The ideal candidate will have a drive to excel in the field of soft tissue manipulation, *pain science and a desire to  constantly improve, learn and maintain a great work ethic with a team attitude. Needs to be outgoing, social, like to problem solve and have an open mind.

What to expect:

ThumbWorks challenges the status quo of the industry

We question the "always has been" and we ask why... A LOT. We embrace logical thinking with the acute intent of learning and improving our field. Expect to discuss different points of view for all to benefit and expect to have some of those points of view challenged. We understand that in this field this sort of attitude isn't popular with our peers, but this is how to forge the industry ahead.


- We are looking to form a team of like minded, science based professionals that never stop learning and embrace being challenged intellectually.

- You will be required to learn as much as you can about all the sports that our clients are in. These are some.


We have MANY CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning athletes as clients. If you are not familiar with this sport, and it is indeed a sport, you will need to get familiar. CrossFit and other variations consist of many different functional movements.  Functional movements are the foundation for every other sport or workout regimen.  You will be asked to learn about the sport and the movements required. If you are not already familiar, we will go over it with you.

- Olympic Lifting, Power lifting & Strongman

Currently ThumbWorks sponsors 1 Olympic Weightlifter and all of these sports are also tied into CrossFit and the Strength & Conditioning community.  It's important to know however, the training for the sole lifter or strongman athlete is different.


Currently ThumbWorks sponsors Chico's 2 largest cycling teams. We do not expect you to be a professional cyclist, however, we do take the time to learn as much as we can about the demands and the needs of these athletes and what their cycling or biking sport entails (Mountain Biking, Cycling, Cyclocross etc.) and their common injuries.

- RUNNING & Variations

A growing number of our clients are runners.  We take careful time learning about the differences with recreational runners, sprinters, marathoners, ultra marathoners, tri-athletes and the growing number of innovative obstacle course athletes (Spartan, Tough Mudder etc.)

- grappling & Striking

These sports have taken off in popularity over the past few years with MMA. The biggest issue we see with these sports are that they use a ton of awkward movements and they tend to find themselves with stabilizer muscle problems and joint issues.

- Traditional TEAM SPORTS

This is a given. We're not asking you to be a pro, but we need to become familiar with the needs of the athletes and the demands that these sports require, common injuries etc.

Understand that in our shop, we are usually the last ditch effort for people to find relief. We have an impeccable track record for doing just that. But we don't stop there. We work to find the root of the matter. Find what they are doing or not doing that may be the cause. Then depending on the situation, work with the athlete to alter the action or lack of action that may be causing the issue to help the athlete prevent making an issue a chronic issue.

You can NOT accomplish this for the client if you do not understand what it is they are doing, what it takes to do it and how they do it.

We know that you are not a sales person, but we do have some expectation to market yourself. Making yourself available to go to events so current or future clients are familiar with you, share the social media posts we put out, whether about you or anyone or anything else we are putting out there and encouraging friends and family if they need your services to consider ThumbWorks.  We truly build relationships with these clients. They will count on you to help them keep doing what they love. This is a very big deal to these people you can quite literally change their life.  It's important to meet them first, which is typically at events.

Read our reviews, Google us, call places that use us, and do your homework.  We want you to be informed, excited and motivated to be a part of this team.

We do not do house calls. All work aside from athletic events will take place at our place of business. You will mostly be working alone so we will be carefully looking for honestly, integrity and independence.

All scheduling, intake forms and SOAP notes are done online and is completely automated. This helps give you time to research the client issues prior the appointment which in turn gives the client more time receiving bodywork.

We will provide extensive training to the selected candidate regardless of experience and skill

Pay and benefits

Pay is contingent on experience and quality with plenty of room for advancement

Pay Range: $15.00/hr - $35.00/hr (Table Time)

Benefits are not available at this time.

How to apply

Please submit your resume along with a cover letter telling us a little about you, and what you're looking for from us.  Also talk about why you would like to work at and what you can add to ThumbWorks Sports Massage (Nothing fancy, but within your email is fine) to